Sunday, April 22, 2018

Formal Wear

Remember how I'd been re-posting art from my old blog here for archival purposes? Well, I realized it's been a couple months since I last did that, so tra-la-la, I'm gonna re-post some more art.

Today's batch features Jay and Spencer in formal wear, 'cause why not.

"Bright Idea" | August 2015

"Dance with Me!" | July 2016

A wallpaper of these two all fancy can even be downloaded from Gumroad, in case anyone wants these dapper dorks on their desktop!

Click here to purchase!

Jay and Spencer are at their fanciest on Patreon, however, so don’t forget to join me there to see that exclusive piece of art!

Click here to view the artwork in full!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


I love Trent from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, since he’s so shamelessly bonkers. When this show had him do a reprise of season two’s theme song—my absolute favorite of all their opening themes—I was ecstatic. And, naturally, when I’m ecstatic, I make fan art...

"BLAM!" | February 2018

A high-res version of this ACEO can be found on Patreon. Also, the hearts shimmer! 'Cause of course they do.

(This gif doesn't do all the glitter justice, but...I tried. LOL.)

Aaaaand here's my art reference, for those of you totally confused right now. (This video might end up confusing you guys more, though. Hmmmm.)

Tools Used to Create This ACEO:
Altenew Ink Spray | AtYou Spica Glitter Pen | Gelly Roll Pen | Faber-Castell Aquarelle Pencils | Micron Pen | ShinHan Touch Liner | ShinHan Touch Twin Markers | Strathmore Bristol Paper

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Let Me Be Your Wings

Bye, Jay!

"Let Me Be Your Wings" | December 2017

Yep, flying is one of the traits my vampires have in The Undeath of Me. Despite technically being a half-vampire himself, Jay doesn't share this ability. He can track down vampires as a dhampir, and is even immune to the horrid side effects of their blood, but he can't do any of the cool stuff they can. So yeah, if Spencer lets him fall, Jay's pretty much screwed!

As always, a high-res version of the above artwork can be found on Patreon, along with the original sketch!

Monday, March 26, 2018

My New Website

Hey, look, I have a website! As some of you may remember, my old one imploded on itself last year. Took me months to transfer over 350 pages to a new webhost and make everything as shiny as possible. I hope it was worth the wait!

And because I have a website again, I can finally let Echo Effect return from its hiatus. It will be updating every Monday. Click here to see what Coco and Nicholas are up to! (Prefer its backup site on Blogspot? Don’t worry, you can still read Echo Effect there, too!)

Speaking of Echo Effect…I spent the past month creating brand new art for its cast page, ‘cause I obviously needed more work to juggle, right?! *collapses*

All this has left me pretty burnt out, but I'll be off catching up on other work despite thisself-employed artists can't afford breaksso if I still seem kind of quiet here for a while, that's why.