Thursday, September 13, 2018

Laptop Misadventures

I'm back! Which means I finally have a new laptop. (For those of you who missed my previous post, my old laptop had been hanging on by a thread since 2017, had its adapter flat-out die this month, and was just an all-around nightmare for the two years I owned it.)

I've only owned this new laptop since Tuesday, so I'm still adjusting to it. Had to make a lot of compromises when choosing what to the optical drive. It's almost impossible to find laptops with that feature anymore, which stressed me out, since the Photoshop program I have is on a CD-rom. So, to keep working as an artist, I knew I'd also have to buy either an external optical drive or a downloadable art program. Ended up doing the latter, since one I've been curious about for a while went on sale for half the price last week. (Thank you, universe!)

Finding a new laptop took longer, since I wanted to do research online first, to avoid getting a dud again. The list of potential laptops was small, thanks to my picky preferences. Refusing to give my old laptop brand a chance shrunk the list considerably, too. After I read lots and lots and lots of reviews and checked out the floor models in-store, I managed to find one I liked and got the last one available. It ended up being cheaper than I was expecting, too!

This laptop isn't perfect. There are a couple things I discovered at home that have been beyond frustrating as an artist. I've been doing my best to adjust, though, since I doubt anything I might exchange this for would be better. (One of my issues—the extremely yellow-tinted screen—is something I've managed to mostly fix, at least, so I'm not quite as stressed as before.) Although these issues have been depressing, my new laptop is great in other ways and has been functioning soooo smoothly so far, so I'm grateful for that. (Working on something that won't go KZZPOP! and die if it's accidentally unplugged for a few seconds is such a wonderfully weird change.)

Not sure how quickly I'll be able to catch up with the blogosphere. Adjusting to both this laptop and my new art program has been time-consuming, but I'm hoping I can settle back into a normal routine sometime soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Laptop Issues + Where in the World Blogfest

Hello, everyone! Sorry for being quiet here lately. My laptop—which I purchased just two years ago—has been hanging on by a thread since something ruptured on the inside in 2017; the only way it would turn on after that was if it was hooked up to the adapter. (Could never be unplugged while you were on it, either, unless you wanted this laptop to die again within seconds.) Well…the adapter decided to go completely dead this week, so yeah, I’m busy trying to find a decent new laptop. (Would have replaced it sooner, but could never find anything that met my needs. Have no choice but to make a lot of compromises now.)

How am I able to type this post up? Because I’m borrowing someone else’s adapter, which magically works with my laptop. Why am I bothering to type something up, in the first place? Because author Sherry Ellis has a fun new book out, and I had promised to take part in the blogfest for it. I absolutely hate breaking promises, so here I am!

To celebrate the release of her latest book, Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China, Sherry is asking bloggers to answer one simple prompt:

If you could go through the Earth and end up in another country, where would you go?

As a self-employed artist, if I ever wanted to travel, digging a hole through the Earth would definitely be the only way I could afford to do so, haha. There are a few countries I feel would be amazing to visit, and Canada is one of them. The scenery is gorgeous and would be cool to see in person, as someone who’s grown up in a desert. Some artists I admire attend cons there, too, so that’d be a lot of fun to check out. Also, depending on when I went there, I might actually experience snow for the first time in my life, which would be mind-blowing. (And highly-amusing for the locals, I’m sure.)

But enough of that. Let’s learn more about Sherry’s new book!

Page Count: 93
Digital Price: 3.99
Print Price: 7.95


BLURB: Squirt doesn’t believe Bubba can dig a hole to China. But when the hole swallows them, the kids find themselves in Xi’an, China, surrounded by Terracotta Warriors.

It gets worse when the ghost of the first emperor of China appears. He tells them they can’t go home until they find his missing pi. The kids don’t know where to begin until they meet a girl and her grandmother who promise to help find the pendant.

Soon they realize they are being followed. And they are no closer to finding the missing pi. Will Bubba and Squirt ever make it back home?

About the Author: Sherry Ellis is an award-winning author and professional musician who plays and teaches the violin, viola, and piano. When she is not writing or engaged in musical activities, she can be found doing household chores, hiking, or exploring the world. Ellis, her husband, and their two children live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Let Him In

Tess really hates having a vampire for a father. So—back when she was a teenager—she sometimes used vampire deterrents to keep him locked out of the house.

I think Ethan handled it well…

"Let Him In" | June 2018

(Don’t worry, Jay always figured out how to let Ethan back in!)

As always, a high-res version of the above comic can be found on Patreon, along with the original sketch!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Feeling Wonderful

"Feeling Wonderful" | June 2018

Tess, Jay, Spencer, and Ethan are off to see the Wizard! Click here to download the above artwork in high-resolution, and here for the original sketch.

(Think Ethan has found any hearts yet?)