Monday, November 26, 2018

Peter Pauper Press Planners (A Review of Sorts)

Bought some planners for 2019! (I get two every year, since I like to turn one into a logbook for my art, keeping track of what I accomplish each day, while the other is used for normal planner purposes.) Peter Pauper Press has been my favorite brand for planners for years, so those are the ones I always choose to purchase.

Why do I love their planners so much? Well…

1) The spaces for Saturday and Sunday are just as big as the weekday ones!
2) They aren’t lined! (I sometimes need to squeeze a lot of info into a space, so I find lined planners restricting.)
3) It can double as an address book, since there are pages in the back for that. If you need to jot down some notes, there are lined pages in the back, as well. (This comes in handy for my art logbook, since I can keep a tidy list of all the art I’ve completed in a year.)
4) The overall quality is just excellent. (Durable hardcovers with gorgeous art, attached bookmarks, a spine that isn’t spiral-bound, etc.)
Anyone who wants to learn more about Peter Pauper Press and the various products they have to offer can check out their website here.


  1. They do look very nice! Maybe I should invest. I'm never organised :)

    1. This brand is definitely worth it, if you do choose to check them out!

  2. Great review! Thanks Heather! Big Hugs!

  3. These sound great and I love the cover!
    Hope you've had a wondrous weekend.