Saturday, February 29, 2020

My Website, Plus Other Updates

My website’s dead. It’ll probably be months before I can set up a new one with a different webhost. My domain name will redirect to this blog, for the time being.

I chose to switch webhosts, since mine got rid of the plan I was subscribed to. This would have been fine, had they notified me about the change beforehand, but they never did. (I found out by accident, when re-checking the pricing for my upcoming renewal.) This lack of transparency makes me distrust this webhost too much to upgrade my plan. There were also some nitpicky site issues I never cared for, as a webcomic creator, so if I have to start paying extra for webhosting, I’m gonna do it somewhere that’s more to my liking.

I do have a sense of where I want to go next, but I’m still exploring my options. Choosing to spend this time saving up money, instead of rushing to get a new site in place, so I don’t stress about my budget once I sign up for pricier webhosting.

I’m also still deciding what I should do about the archive for Echo Effect. That webcomic was cancelled long ago, and is currently being rebooted into something wildly different. Do I really want to transfer hundreds of those strips to a new website? Especially after burning myself out doing that very same thing two years ago, when having to leave my previous webhost?! WHO KNOWS.

Naturally, now that I don’t have a website anymore, the premiere of my vampire comicThe Undeath of Me, is put on hold indefinitely. For a long while now, I had been planning to unveil it in March, but my six-month buffer still isn’t complete, so that wouldn’t have been possible even without the loss of my website. I do have more than half that buffer illustrated already, so I like to hope I can still premiere it sometime this year. (No promises, though.)

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  1. I don't blame you for bailing on that host site. Find one that's priced right and works for you.
    Ever thought of making a book out of Echo Effect?

    1. I had always planned to release Echo Effect in print, but now that this series has been prematurely cancelled, that is no longer the case. The story would be unfinished, and even if anyone did want to buy it despite that, only about five copies would get sold, at most. (Probably not even that much.)

      The closest to a book release I still might do is offer this series as a limited edition ebook, which I would offer for free. But that's a lot of work I don't have time for at the moment, so it's not a top priority, yet.

  2. Eek that sounds like a right pain for you. I'm afraid I don't know anything about website hosting but I can appreciate that this is a set back for your comic plans. Hope you manage to find a solution that is cost effective for you. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. <3 Webhosting can get pricey, and while I'm willing to budget for that, it's more difficult than usual right now, since my earnings as an artist are at an all-time low. Trying to make everything work as my career continues to die has just left me so worn out...

  3. Oh gosh, Heather. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I can only imagine the frustration. I'll keep an eye out for you on twitter.