Saturday, May 26, 2018

Graphik Line Makers (Review)

This post is the first of what will hopefully be many art supply reviews, and today’s focuses on Graphik Line Makers! Had wanted to try this brand for a while, so when I was in need of a gray liner pen for my art, I ended up purchasing one of these in graphite. I fell so in love with it that I decided to get more: one in sepia, two in black, and another in graphite.

Graphik Line Makers claim to be lightfast, with water-based pigment ink and Japanese nibs. They can be purchased individually or in sets. Although the black is available in a variety of nib sizes, ranging from 0.05-0.8, the graphite and sepia pens only come in 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5. (I primarily use 0.3 and 0.5 nibs for my linework, so this doesn’t trouble me, but I know this could be limiting for other artists.)

I’m pleased with the overall aesthetic of these pens. It’s easy to tell what color the ink will be with just a glance. (No assuming you grabbed a black pen, only to start inking and go whoops, no, that’s sepia!) I also appreciate how the nib size is clearly labeled on both the cap and barrel, since those numbers can sometimes fade or scratch off. Even better, though, is how smoothly these pens glide when using them. Definitely one of my favorites in terms of “feel.”

Ink-wise, the black is rich and dark, while the sepia is a lovely burnt brown. The graphite is a neutral gray that seems to skew more toward a warm tone than a cool one. (It still blends in well enough with cool gray markers for art I’ve created, however.)

To see how problematic these pens might be, I did a couple of smear tests. For the first, I smudged them with my finger. The black ink, unfortunately, smeared both times. The graphite and sepia inks, however, remained flawless, even after drying for just a minute.

I also tested how well these hold up against water and alcohol-based markers, since I do a lot of mixed media. I waited two hours before applying either to the inks. The black smeared terribly when I brushed water over it. It held up better against the marker, but still feathered a little. The graphite and sepia inks exceeded expectations by not smearing in any way.

Although they hadn’t tested well, I decided to try the black liner pens out on some art. I thought they might hold up better if I waited a full 24 hours before applying any watercolors. Nope—they still smeared as badly as they did in the above photo. So, I can’t recommend the black at all.

Luckily, the other colors don’t seem to experience these issues, so if you’re in need of a new graphite or sepia pen, Graphik Line Makers are still worth checking out.

The pens used in this review were all purchased from MarkerPop.
To learn more about Graphik Line Makers in general, you can check out the brand’s website here.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ethan (ACEO)

New ACEO, featuring Tess and Jay's father, Ethan! (One of my vampires from The Undeath of Me.) A high-res version, as well as the preliminary sketch and linework, are available on Patreon.

"Ethan" | March 2018

On a whim, I decided to ink this ACEO in gray, instead of my usual black, and like how that linework turned out.

Tools Used to Create This ACEO:
Faber-Castell Aquarelle Pencils (HB/4B/101)
Graphik Line Maker (Graphite - 0.3)
Graphik Line Painter (Magic - 0.5)
Lawn Fawn Re-inker (Yeti)
ShinHan Touch Twin Markers (CG2/CG3/CG4/CG6/CG7)
Strathmore Bristol Paper

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oh No, More Old Art

Know how I’ve been transferring old Undeath of Me art here, for archival purposes? I’m almost done!

First is some concept art I did to figure out Spencer and Jay’s character designs. These two have been living in my head a long time—Spencer since 2003, and Jay since 2004ish—so these pieces aren’t my first-ever attempts at drawing ‘em. However, they are my first attempts at drawing them in 2015, when I decided to put them in a new series. (Of which they were supposed to be secondary characters, only to trick me into making ‘em the stars instead. Whoops.)

"Spencer" | January 2015

"Jay" | March 2015

Next are some bloodier pieces, ‘cause hey, it’s a comic full of vampires. Inevitable.

"Probably" | September 2015

"Seeing Red" | December 2015

And here’s a piece that features Jay’s older sister, Tess! She and Jay have argued for years over what happened to their mother. (Tess believes their dad killed her. Jay doesn’t.) When Jay makes Spencer share his opinion, he ends up agreeing with Tess, which upsets both her and Jay. (Jay wanted Spencer to side with him, obviously. Tess simply hates vampires too much to appreciate having one who's willing to help knock some sense into her brother!)

"The Corpse Agrees" | May 2016

Last, but not least, are some ACEO requests I’ve drawn! The one of Jay was created for a patron, and the one of Spencer for a giveaway winner. (I have more old ACEOs for this series, but I’ll wait to share those for another post.)

"Christmas Jay" | November 2016

"Spencer" | March 2017

Sunday, May 6, 2018


It’s my 29th birthday today…and I’m sick. Have been all week, in fact. Figures, right?!

(Uh, yeah…if any of you have been wondering why I’ve seemingly disappeared lately...this is why.)

Anyway, since I’m on a new blog this year, I figured I’d share some old birthday comics that break the fourth wall. My characters tend to hate me, because I torture them relentlessly, but Nicholas from Echo Effect is still willing to be nice to me, since he’s a hopeless goody-goody…




I stopped making these after a while, since they would’ve felt repetitive until the volume three version of Nicholas exists. So, if I ever actually manage to finish volume two of Echo Effect, I might get around to drawing a new one of these for a future birthday.

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