Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Vampires should never be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner...

"Thanksgiving Prep" | August 2018

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(I had originally planned for this to be a traditional piece, before deciding to color it digitally, which is why you guys see my ugly handwriting in the word bubbles for a change, LOL.)

Because this is Tess and Jay’s first Thanksgiving without their mom, Ethan's determined to make it THE BEST EVER for them. His cooking skills have always been pretty basic, though, and they've become even rustier as a vampire, since he no longer needs to cook for himself, sooooo...this was dumb, needless to say. Baptiste is no help, either, since he's been a vampire much longer than him. (And he even tried to warn Ethan how bad of an idea this was. Shame on you for ignoring him, Ethan.)

And no, going to a relative's isn't an option. Ethan and Lilibeth used to do that for Thanksgiving, but during his first year as a vampire, too many nosy family members were all, “Why isn’t Ethan eating?! Ethan should eat something. YOU’D LOOK LESS ILL IF YOU ATE SOMETHING, ETHAN.” So…it just became easier for them to stay home and do their own thing. Ethan’s too stubborn to drag his kids to a relative’s, at this point!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Commission Sale!

My computer dying in September put a huge dent in my savings, soooo...I'm having a commission sale! Get custom art for half the price for the rest of 2018! Prices start as low as $20. Learn more here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


My dog's gone. Brandy had been living with a heart murmur for a while, but her health took a sudden turn for the worse this month, and she ended up dying in her sleep last week. She was only ten years old. I miss her so much.


Brandy's Ashes

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Movie Night

New Undeath of Me comic! Lilibeth and Ethan try to find a movie to rent. This takes place sometime in the 90s, back when they were still just dating...

"Movie Night" | July 2018


(Ethan's bi, by the way, in case anyone doesn't get why he caved in the top row.)

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