Friday, January 11, 2019

Favorite Comics That Debuted in 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for comics. I even checked out brand new series more than normal. Of the ones that debuted, three, in particular, were stand-outs for me, so I’ve decided to highlight them below!


As an Elvira fan since childhood, I couldn’t resist checking out a comic starring her. Happy I did, because much like Elvira herself, this series is gloriously campy and fun!

The series starts off with Elvira becoming unstuck in time, running into various horror greats in her quest to return to the present. Writer David Avallone has done an excellent job of capturing Elvira’s wit, filling each issue with double-entendres and broken fourth walls. The comedic elements are handled well by Dave Acosta, and his art especially shines when the action amps up. Elvira’s brand of humor is simply perfect for the comic medium!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #3

(Three issues have been released for Elvira: Mistress of the Dark so far, with a fourth due out this month. Past issues can also be found in an upcoming omnibus edition. There’s even a four-issue mini-series from the same writer releasing soon, titled The Shape of Elvira.)

Exorsisters centers on Cate and Kate Harrow, twin sisters—or are they?—who’ve teamed up to save those menaced by hellish forces. (For a reasonable rate, of course.) A dark secret lies in their past that’s spurred them to battle all things infernal, and they do so with intellect and spunk, unafraid to also throw in some force when necessary.

Hilarity and heart abound in this series, without ever losing its dark edge. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Reaper to me in both premise and tone, which I very much enjoy. Gisèle Lagacé—a longtime favorite artist of mine—has outdone herself here. Her expressive art style breathes tremendous life into Ian Boothby’s spirited writing. Pete Pantazis’ coloring also leaves me in awe. If you’re a fan of supernatural dramedies, then Exorsisters is a must.

Exorsisters #2

Exorsisters #3

(Three issues have been released for Exorsisters so far. The fourth will be available later this month, with even more on the way!)

Labyrinth: Coronation is a 12-issue prequel to one of my all-time favorite movies—Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, of course!

Before Jareth was the Goblin King, he was an innocent baby just like Sarah’s brother, held hostage within the labyrinth. Only his mother, Maria, dares to go rescue him, joined by friends she makes along the way. (A chivalrous goblin aspiring to be a bandit, a hug-loving rosebush, and a worm who dreams of revolution.)

This mini-series fits in seamlessly with the world of Labyrinth. Never does it feel like a watered-down clone of the movie. Anything familiar in Maria’s journey to Sarah’s is given a fresh spin, allowing this series to craft its own identity. Artists Daniel Bayliss and Irene Flores capture the movie’s aesthetic wonderfully for the comic medium, and so much charm and humor is weaved throughout each issue by writers Simon Spurrier and Ryan Ferrier. I’ve come to adore these characters just as much as the ones from the movie, which I honestly didn’t expect. If you’re a Labyrinth fan like me, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Labyrinth: Coronation #6

Labyrinth: Coronation #8

(Nine issues have been released for Labyrinth: Coronation so far. The final three are due out this year. Past issues have also been collected into omnibus editions.)


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  1. Interesting Labyrinth continues to be popular in one form or another.
    And despite the years, the real Elvira hasn't changed very much.

  2. I really love the artwork for the Elvira one.

  3. Comic books sure have changed since I was a kid! (For one thing, I don't reckon anybody calls them "comic books" anymore...)

    The Elvira books look like a hoot. We saw her serving as the hostess for a movie on TV not long ago, and I swear, she hasn't changed a bit! She must've found the secret to eternal youth. It was downright eerie...

  4. Thanks for the kind words... glad you're enjoying Elvira...

  5. Comics are fun. So glad to hear they're making a come-back!

  6. Wow, those are all beautifully drawn! Good choices:)

  7. All kinds of goodies, but especially Elvira. Love that she's now in comics.

  8. These all sound great!! I love comics!!!

  9. All three of these are right up my alley! I laughed to see Elvira has a comic, but it sounds like fun. I watched her every weekend as a kid too.